Specialty Poultry Breeds

We raise quality poultry and are NPIP certified.


We currently offer (all straight run chicks):

  • Black and Blue Copper Marans and Olive Egger $8

  • Guinea Keets (assorted colors) $6

  • Easter Eggers $5

  • Millie Fleur/Calico Bantam Cochins $5

  • Columbian Bantam Cochins $8 

  • Lavender/Isabel/Porcelain Bantam Cochins $8

  • Black Mottled Cochins $8

  • Buff Bantam Cochins $8

  • Blue Laced Red Wyandottes $8

  • Silkies $10 

  • Appenzeller Spitzhauben $10

  • Royal Palm Turkey Poults $10

  • Blue, Splash or Standard Jubilee Orpingtons $10

  • Blue Slate Turkeys $10 

We offer $65 shipped fertile hatching eggs (one dozen) for assorted standard $48 shipped bantam eggs assorted. $48 for pickup, assorted hens choice 12+.

Questions? Contact us.

Meet Our Black Copper Marans

Meet Our Blue Jubilee Orpingtons

Meet Our Silkies

Meet Our Olive Eggers

Meet Our Appenzeller Spitzhaubens

Meet Our Buff Bantam Cochins

Meet Our Columbian Bantam Cochins

Meet Our Porcelain/lavender/isabel bantam Cochins

Meet Our Silver Laced Bantam Wyandottes

Meet Our Millie Fleur/Calico Bantam Chochins

Meet Our Dark Brahmas

Meet Our Rhode Island Reds

Meet Our Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Meet Our Lemon Blue/Lemon Blue Splash


Farm Day:
We are open on Sundays for pick-ups and goat yoga at 1:00pm

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T: 706-897-7096



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